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I have been known to write from time to time... (although less so when busy setting up my private practice!)  This is something I do for myself, and entirely separate from my counselling practice.  However, I think there are certain similarities between counselling & writing poetry, and I've been pleasantly surprised when browsing poetry journals on the numbers of poets who are also counsellors & psychotherapists or related.  Both require deep attention to words, image & metaphor; and the willingness to look inside yourself, listen to yourself.  So saying, while I work very hard to be genuine and honest ("congruent") in my counselling sessions - and if I share something about myself it is always because I think it will be helpful for my clients, not in response to my own need (we call it "self-disclosure in the service of the client").  But - with poetry, I don't always *have* to tell the truth!  It is an art form after all, not strict biography...

Below are some of my poems, with links to those published online.  (I publish under the full/formal version of my first name, Antonia.) 

Links in the poem name take you to the poem.  Links in the journal name take you to the journal website.

Rowan - Shared Stories Cairngorms

The Box - Northwords Now Autumn/Winter 2020 issue 40   

Polish Fudge - Still Point Arts Quarterly no.40, “Food and Memory”, Winter 2020

Aphrodite Rising - Acumen issue no.99, January 2021

Demeter - Acumen issue no.100, May 2021

Persephone - Acumen issue no.100, May 2021

Words for the Dead - Acumen issue no.100, May 2021

A Benediction - Break in Case of Silence: New Writing Scotland 39 (2021)

The Cairn with its Back to Ireland - Northwords Now Autumn/Winter 2021 issue 42

The Incredible Shrinking Grandmother - Dreich Season 4 no. 10 (2022)

I Will Look - Dreich Season 4 no. 10 (2022)

Driftwood - Dreich Season 4 no. 10 (2022)

Sombreros at Findhorn - Black Nore Review, 28th April 2022

Skinned - Atrium, 13th September 2022

Swimming, Loch Garten - Northwords Now Spring/Summer 2023 issue 44

Talking to Persephone - Northwords Now Spring/Summer 2023 issue 44

Milton - Black Nore Review

Burial - Black Nore Review





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